The Shire of Brookfield

An Exclusive Brookfield Neighborhood

Location, location, location: The Shire is located in the heart of Brookfield, 1/2 mile north of Bluemound Road and east off Of Brookfield Rd.

Views and Woods: Lots have beautifully wooded or panoramic views, many have lower level walkout capability, and many are abutted by conservancy areas assuring privacy and permanent value.

Schools: Elmbrook School District (except lots 7-13, 26, 27). Brookfield Elementary, Wisconsin Hills (Junior High), and Brookfield Central High are each located within two miles. Acclaimed private schools, Brookfield Academy and St. John Vianney, are also located within two miles.

Parks: Rolling Meadows Park is located just across Brookfield Road. Fox Brook Park: On Barker Road just north of River Road has a beach, swimming pond and nature trails. Mitchell Park: on River Road within two miles has nature trails, ball fields,  a dog park, and the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center.

Bike Paths and Jogging Trails: Brookfield’s celebrated
Geenway Trail System and bike paths are easily accessible by
foot or bicycle.

Shopping: Located 1/2 mile north of Bluemound Road there is easy access to the Bluemound Corridor of shops and restaurants including Brookfield Square, Fountain Square, Fresh Market, Fleming’s Steakhouse. Several miles to the north of The Shire is the Towne Centre including Sendik’s Grocery Store and the shops and restaurants along Capitol Drive.

Places of Worship: Virtually every faith denomination and non-denomination has a worship facility located within five miles of The Shire.

Conservancy & Recreation Areas: The southern edge of The Shire abuts wetlands and conservancy areas teeming with wildlife, deer, wild turkeys, cranes, etc.

Walking Path & Dog Playground:  The Shire has its own dedicated 30+ acre grassy recreation hill for field games, snow sledding, cross country skiing, etc.  Shire residents have rights to use the hill located east of the subdivision. The hill was once a quarry/landfill for a short time 30 years ago and will never be developed.

Excellent Architectural Controls: The Shire’s Deed Restrictions assure the upscale nature of the subdivision, many of which exceed a $1,000,000 value.

City Sewer and Water: Underground Utilities: All homes in The Shire benefit from the aesthetic appeal and health-assurance of having underground sewer, water, gas, electric, and cable.

Freeway Access: Less than 2 miles to I-94.

Very Healthy, Safe Homes Hes Developed from Virgin Forest & Pasture Land: All of The Shire homesites are located on undisturbed native soils with no unusual underground gases.  The subdivision also has ensured a healthier indoor environment than other subdivisions by following the EPA’s general recommendation that homes include a powered ventilation system to remove any potential naturally-occurring subsoil gases from below the basement floor.  These systems have also been approved by the DNR for removal of any potential soil gas migration including radon or methane (although no unusual amounts have been noted in The Shire, unlike other locations in Waukesha County).

Unanimously Approved for Health & Safety: As part of the development process, the Shire development was subjected to complete and comprehensive testing and review by the City of Brookfield, the City of Brookfield’s Moratorium Committee, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and the DNR. After thorough study, the Health Department and DNR concluded that the development “…would not be expected to pose a health or safety risk to residents….” The City’s Moratorium Committee, the City’s Plan Commission, and the City’s Common Council, all unanimously accepted the Health Department and DNR’s conclusion and unanimously approved The Shire subdivision so that it could become the beautifully, tranquil living location that it has now become and an asset to the City of Brookfield.

Near the Shire is a 35 acre recreation site and hill which is available for use by the subdivision residents.  It is located above a Brookfield quarry that was also used as a landfill for a short time.  It was closed in an environmentally-conscious way in 1981 and continues to be safely monitored in perpetuity by Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc. under the proper oversight of all local and state governing bodies.  This recreation area has a topsoil top layer over a dense clay-soil cap. No homesites are located within this area or its setback buffer zone.  An engineered clay cap was installed over it in 1981 and additionally recapped in 1988 in accordance with solid waste disposal regulations issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, NR 500. Brookfield residents and neighbors have been using the surface of the capped landfill for dog walking, hiking, sledding, ever since. Only Lots 28, 30-33, and 41 border the designated site and they have a safe and comfortable setback requirement as established by the DNR. Lots 34-37, on the north are separated from the closed landfill by Misty Mountain Parkway as well as the additional DNR setback requirement. Most Shire homesites are further from the original quarry/landfill site than other Brookfield homes, that have comfortably existed there for over fifty years.

False Internet Blogs: All Shire homesites exist safely distanced and outside the former quarry/landfill.  But there exists a very, erroneous internet blog by Cindy Kilkenny attributed to Brookfield Now stating that The Shire subdivision is “contaminated.” Ms. Kilkenny’s statements are absolutely false. Ms. Kilkenny is not a scientist or journalist, nor is she affiliated with any reputable news organization. She set up her own website which she calls “Brookfield City News.” Her blog is linked to Brookfield Now which serves as an internet service provider for bloggers and which is maintained by Journal Communications, Inc. and which claims no responsibility or control over the content of the blogs like Ms. Kilkenny’s blog. The developer sued her and obtained a judgment for defamation against her.

Confirmation of these facts or additional information about Brookfield and The Shire can be obtained from these sources:
Mr. Daniel Ertl, Director of Community Development, City of Brookfield, 262 796-6695,
Mr. James C. Delwiche, P.G., Department of Natural Resources, 262 574-2145,
Mr. Joseph C. Niebler Sr., NFI Properties, LLC 262 782-1373,

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